Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher, Set of 2

Cuisipro Stainless-steel Egg Poacher, Set of 2

Item Description
Cuisipro makes poaching eggs certain. Unlike additional “poachers” involving a solid glass that floats on top of drinking water and steams the ovum, the new stainless egg poacher has a glass design of which clips aside of the weed and permits the water to flow around the for ones for suitable poaching.

Price: $11. 86

  • 18/10 stainless-steel rod together with cup; plastic-type handle, BPA free
  • Attach is adjustable several pot levels and assures position
  • Made to allow normal water to circulate throughout the egg although keeping this contained and even stopping that from growing
  • Draining cup designed to empty excess normal water, just point back to spill the water
  • twenty five year warrantee; dishwasher risk-free, top space only